• Automotive

    The all solid state FLASH laser radar scheme developed by ABAX provides more accurate 3D environment perception information for vehicles during driving, greatly improving the reliability and safety of intelligent driving of vehicles, with strong anti-interference ability, remote detection and high reliability.

  • Consumer electronics

    The ToF depth sensor chip developed by ABAX can be widely used in the field of consumer electronics due to its high ranging accuracy, small size, low power consumption, etc

    Consumer electronics
  • Industrial field

    The ToF LiDAR module and other product forms designed in all solid state can be widely used in various industrial and other work scenarios due to its high recognition accuracy, fast response speed, strong anti-interference ability, and the ability to directly obtain 3D depth image information.

    Industrial field
  • Security field

    The laser rangefinder products developed by ABAX are especially suitable for the working environment of military investigation and monitoring due to their unique technical advantages of high concealment, strong anti-interference ability and high ranging accuracy.

    Security field
  • Application of ToF