Vehicle solid-state lidar-AX32 series products
Product Description
Product Description

AX32 series products are vehicle solid-state lidar , the receiving end of which is the focal plane distance sensor. The focal plane distance sensor receives the laser echo through the pixel unit inside the chip to generate the data that can be used to calculate the distance information, and to complete the point-cloud data collection inside the array by means of progressive scanning. The receiving end sensor adopts background eliminating technology, ultra-high dynamic range pixel-level implementation technology, laser cross-talk suppression and near-infrared enhancing technology.

The lidar products have four main characteristics as below:

1) Low cost: adopting chip-level solution to reduce costs and the product size.

2) High reliability: full solid-state FPA imaging technology, high environmental suitability and integration.

3) High interference immunity: effectively dealing with interferences among different lidar equipment and disturbances by environmental lights.

4) Eye safety: Speckle emission and focal plane receiving mode, protecting eyes from laser hazard.


● Angular resolution :0.1°X 0.1°

● Field of view :20°×10°

● Range :200m

● Range accuracy :0.5%@200m

● Frame rate :>30fps