3D TOF Sensor- ITOF series products
Product Description
Product Description

AX3010 is a Time-of-Flight (TOF) depth image sensor with independent pixel design patents* featuring high precision, high resolution, low power consumption and small pixel size etc. The chip adopts global shutter with a pixel array resolution of 320×240. Its specific pixel design provides excellent adaptive modulation function under global shutter, thereby significantly reducing the inherent noise and dark current noise. The working mode of multi-frequency and multi-integration time ensure better ranging accuracy, while achieving a system frame rate of 30fps. Users can choose low-power mode and high-performance mode independently to meet the needs of different situations. The switching mode of the system reduces the inherent ranging deviation in the modulation process, and improves the consistency of the system ranging. The output of a single pixel is 10-bit distance information, and it is output at high speed through the LVDS interface. The timing control module ensures the synchronization of the system timing and laser driver timing through the SPI interface.

   * China Invention Patent:【CN110389351B, Distance measurement method and apparatus, and distance measurement sensor and distance
   measurement sensing array】
   * China Invention Patent:【CN107340508B, Focal plane chip, pixel unit and pixel array for collecting and processing laser signals】
   * China Invention Patent:【CN109285851B, A pixel unit and a preparation method thereof】


● resolution: 320×240

● chip size: 3.5mm × 2.8mm

● programmable controls for:

- frame rate

- integration time

- modulation frequency

● global shutter: yes

● support output formats: 12bit

● LVDS parallel output interface